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About Me

Cagayan de Oro (Philippines)
If an amateur photographer means not a professional, then I am one. My retirement has allowed me to pursue further a hobby that I have long been inactive with. So long, in fact, that today's photography has been transformed by digital technology into something that we can only dream of in the past although the basic principles of taking photographs remain the same as in analog or film.

My immersion into digital photography came in stages. Three camera upgrades with point and shoot was my transition before the more serious DSLR. Also using simpler and free image editing with a business laptop paved the way to the more intricate (complex but powerful) Photoshop and other specialized post processing softwares.

Current Events and Announcements

Weebly, my host for this site, noticed my presence here and offered a big discount for a paid account which comes with a domain name. Thanks Weebly, but... maybe in a few more weeks.


It's 2011! Happy New Year!!!

It is really difficult to do so many things with so limited time and resources. But that is the challenge of living. Somebody once told me, looking straight into my two eyes after I wasn't able to accomplish the impossible, that we have to "learn to walk and chew gum at the same time."